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How Can Cosmetic Packaging Takes The Road of Environmental Protection?

How Can Cosmetic Packaging Takes The Road of Environmental Protection?

Environmentally friendly packaging materials refer to harmless and non-polluting packaging materials that are recyclable, renewable, and sourced from bio-machines. The entire cosmetics market has been encouraging the promotion of the topic of environmental protection of packaging materials in recent years, and many international big names have responded. But overall, the road to packaging environmental protection still has a long way to go.

According to SENGMI, a packaging manufacturer, the factors that affect the brand's choice of environmentally friendly packaging materials include cost, technology, laws and regulations, and brand positioning. For high-end brands, environmental protection of product packaging can not only enhance the brand image, reflect product value, and cater to market demand. In terms of cost, they also have sufficient capacity and added value to bear. Therefore, in the choice of packaging, they are more Small businesses have more autonomous choices. However, due to the compatibility of packaging and products and two to three times the cost, more companies will still use ordinary materials.

Moreover, in order to meet the functional and aesthetic design functions of cosmetics, it is difficult to reuse the various materials, composite materials, colors, and design forms used by packaging companies, which also increases the difficulty of recycling waste cosmetic packaging.

In addition to cost and technical constraints, national laws and regulations have not formulated mandatory policies to limit plastics, so plastic packaging is still widely used in the industry, and biodegradable alternative materials are rarely used.

Firstly, the packaging manufacturer can make a fuss about the material itself and introduce green and environmentally friendly materials. In recent years, bamboo products have become the new favorite of packaging materials due to their abundant and low-cost raw materials. At present, bamboo packaging materials are used in the cosmetic packaging industry in pump head shells, bamboo eye shadow boxes, bamboo lip gloss tubes, bamboo lipstick tubes, and bamboo powder cakes. Box, bamboo eyelash tube series and so on. Although bamboo packaging needs to use an adhesive with a certain formaldehyde content in the production process, the amount of glue used is small, and the existing production and processing technology can fully ensure that the amount of formaldehyde volatilization can be controlled within the range that does not affect the health of any organisms. And will not cause secondary pollution.

At present, scientists have converted materials such as algae and bacteria into degradable materials. Algae materials only include natural materials. This kind of bioplastic packaging can be biodegraded within two to three months. Scientists also extracted bacteria to create a cellulose sheet similar to wrapping paper as a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. When the consumer has finished using the care products, these packages can also be used as soap, so that they can be fully utilized.

Post time: Jun-18-2021